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On a cold wintery Christmas morning Michelle opened up her Crayola Carousel and from that moment on, there was no surface safe from her creativity

but it wasn't really until after her schooling and moving out among the tall trees of the West Coast of Canada that her creativity really took off professionally. Working mainly in Marketing and Publication design spent the last 20 or so years developing her talents for clean and inspiring designs and illustrations. Then one day when the publishing industry started to tank, so she decided it was time to strike out on her own. And start her own stationary company. So she did just that in creating thunderpeep designs - a fun loving stationery company which has grew into a thriving online shop with stockists throughout North America. During her thunderpeep years she found herself in the thick of a wonderful community of fellow creative entrepreneurs, and while they were incredibly supportive and nurturing in her pursuits she was able to give back to the community by using her years of marketing and design experience to help them in their branding and promotional needs. And she loved being able to give back and nurture other businesses in the way others had nurtured and helped her.

So, after 5 years with thunderpeep she found herself at a fork in her road ahead. Her nature-loving instincts were starting to be disillusioned with her stationery business and trying to keep it within a sustainable model was becoming more and more challenging as the business grew. And she was being drawn more and more to the rewarding work of helping her fellow entrepreneurs in their branding needs. In these cases the heart always wins. The happier the work makes you, the more you are going to want to keep doing it.

thunderpeep designs was dissolved (although you can still purchase her cards through thortful cards) and she moved on to start her freelance business (once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur)

Starting your own business is a daunting task, one that Michelle understands all too well, and one of the keys to success is being crystal clear on who you are and what you have to offer, then presenting that message to the world through visuals (your branding!) Michelle is now channelling all her years of brand and marketing experience to help other small businesses blaze their own trails, empowering them with branding that showcases their own story. 

Here at Michelle Reaney Design, whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned business looking to reboot or expand your branding, With packages ranging from budget-friendly pre made designs to full custom branding packages, Michelle is here to help with your design needs, and to offer a nurturing and positive experience.


Loves the outdoors. Hugs trees, gets dirty and usually lost on her adventures. But that’s where the best stories come from!

Has read the Grimm’s complete works as well as the collections of Asbjornsen and Moe a lot of times. The darker and stranger the fairy tale, the more interesting it is. Anything with Trolls and talking foxes are her favourites (and yes she’s Canadian so there are extra u’s throughout her work) 

She recently wrote and published her own fairy tale. About the bestest of friends who set out on a forest adventure only to discover the value of friendship and the magic of the forest. You can even buy yourself a copy in the shop!

Grew up just outside of Toronto but quickly jumped ship for the mountainous regions of BC as soon as her schooling was done. Although she’s currently back in Toronto - she’ll be back adventuring and being inspired by the tall trees of Vancouver Island soon! You can take the girl out of the woods, but you can never take the woods out of the girl.

Dream trip: Norway / Iceland / Estonia / Lithuania all together in one epic trip.

Being a treehugging yogi, she especially loves to work with soulful, creative and nature based businesses with a focus on sustainable practices.

Her side project - The Nemophilist Journals - is a storytelling adventure that helps to promote a return to our wild and free roots of running barefoot in nature

Is currently binging the original Star Trek episodes. Kirk out!



Creemore Springs Brewery
The Women’s Auxiliary for SickKids Hospital
Knitty Little Secret
Toronto Etsy Street Team
Glacier Media
The Vancouver Courier
Lisa Ovens / Hockey & High Heels
The MS Society of British Columbia

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