and here we are

I've been working more than 20 years as a Graphic Designer now. That sounds like such a loooong time. And sometimes it feels like a long time when I am reminded of something from those early days and I can't quite remember being in that time and space. Time is a weird thing!

I've experienced so many journeys in those years, working in various fields, branching away from design into new ventures and finding my way back here. Challenging all that experience into this new project. It felt like the right time to make some changes in my life and embrace not only the change ahead but everything that had led to today. I'm not one to dwell on the past, but I do believe you have to acknowledge it for where it's brought you.

I've started this new freelance venture to do what I love to do. Design and nurturing small businesses. Together, in one place.

I'm offering services for all levels of design needs. I want those just starting out with tiny budgets to be able to showcase their passions in a clear and effective message and those a couple more steps in their entrepreneurial journeys to be able to grow and expand their branding message.

If you want to know a bit more about me click here for the full deets!