the story of a logo

As a designer, one might think that my own branding would be a tougher project than working on something I'm not quite as personally attached to. Not a chance. At least not for me. I especially love working out one of my ideas into visuals. It's a whole lot easier than trying to write out that whole business plan business. And this one came together like a dream like it was just meant to be.

Now first off, let me tell you a bit of a backstory. Geometric shapes, and triangles, in particular, are commonplace in my own personal work. The versatility and multiple interpretations, the complexity of such a simple shape. The coming together of 3 points. Mind-Body-Spirit. Truth-Love-Wisdom. Intellect-Love-Power. Emotion-Feeling-Thought. Past-Present-Future. In particular that last one. I very much want this space and business to be a community of sorts. A safe nurturing space, a place of ideas coming together. And for me, where I am today in life and in career, is very much a culmination of my Past, Present and Future.

The Brand logo encompasses all of this, with overlapping triangles to embrace all of the different facets of the company connecting together, with some sections being filled in, to show us exploring and creating together. There's a sense of community and welcoming to the space in the heart of the logo. As you may have noticed in the initial post image there are actually a few variations of the triangles and lines. Each section/area of the company has its own slightly unique take on the original logo. The Design Shop, Custom, The Blog (that's where you are now!) and Resources. 

Now, all sections of the website aren't active yet, but they will be soon! Each section also has its own unique colouring. For the main logo, I wanted something calm and feminine. I love pink - neon pink in particular, but that wasn't what I was wanted here. Not too far away from the neons in the Pantone colour swatches are some gorgeous pastels and brights and one, in particular, was calling. It's what you might call a perfect blush. And I'd know, I'm always embarrassing myself somehow, so blushing is a common occurrence for me. Good fit, right? I thought so too! The rest of the spectrum of colours all came within the same neighbourhood. Now on screen, they aren't quite what they are when printed to match the swatch, but they still look pretty amazing (on my screen)

As for the fonts - no brainer. I'm a big fan of clean lines and lightweight fonts. The main font is called All Modern with Gotham being used as a secondary font and in the case I want to get a bit playful and pretty, I have a script font called Marana that I'll be using.

So, there you have it. A short and sweet story of how my own branding came to be. I had a very clear vision of the company and what I wanted to say with it. Not everyone is that clear right from the start, and that's a-ok. That's where I come in to guide you in the right direction, to make sure you're message is conveyed loud and clear for the whole world to fall in love with your brand. Or maybe you just want to be friends first.