the journey home

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There's a saying you hear a lot "You're never really ready for....". Whether it's in reference to starting a new business, or having a baby,  or making any kind of big move in life. And it's 100% true. You can plan all you want, make lists and save, save, save. But one day you just have to step off the ledge.

That's where I was. Just at the ledge, knew what I wanted to do but not getting there. Then one phone called led to the leap.  The thing about all that planning, when that call came I was ready. I had been ready for a while, I just didn't know it. Once you decide to jump you make those last little steps happen because you have to. I had 2 months to pack up, get rid of and set my plan into action. Whatever I had saved is what I had. I learned more about myself in those 2 months and my iron will than through all that planning. People always say "you're so brave" to overhaul my life. But I wasn't happy in my old life, so why WOULD I stay in it? I hope I can inspire someone else to not be afraid to make a big change. 

The key to it all? Knowing what I really wanted. Having faith in myself. And most importantly being open to opportunity and taking it when it lands at your feet. So many people are blind to opportunities that are thrown their way. Don't be that person. Set achievable goals and go after them.

I know the next year will be a struggle. Adjusting to a somewhat new environment. Being completely responsible for my financial well being. Trying to find my forever place. I know I'm not 100% in my forever place, but I'm so much closer to it, and the old forests, and the mountains, those glorious reminders that life happens at it's own pace. Now it's all about exploring and adventuring and creating and my forever spot will let me know when I get there.

Even if it takes you weeks, months or years - whatever it is for you, make it happen.


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