Why Just a Card Matters

  image from justacard.org

image from justacard.org

Any of you out there who’ve ever vended at a craft fair, art show or own a small independent shop know how important each and every sale is. No matter how big or how small. They ALL add up to the success of your business. I’ve had plenty of shows where pretty much all my sales were just 1 $5 card. And they all made me happy and all added up to a good day of sales.

That’s why when I heard about the Just A Card campaign based out of the UK I had to share their message.

The Campaign was started by UK Artist & Designer Sarah Hamilton, who was inspired by a quote she saw “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open” from a shopkeeper who’d gallery had recently closed down. Now us creative makers and shop owners have heard that - how nice your product is, how many pretty things your shop has - from shoppers who never ended up buying anything. Now, not that people should be pressured to buy anything they don’t want to, but a lot of times people are embarrassed to just buy one $5 item. But what you may not realize is that those small sales all add up and make or break a shop - or your final show sales. A business is built one sale at a time.

Sarah decided to be the voice for Makers/Independent shop owners/Galleries and started the Just A Card campaign to bring more awareness to all that’s involved in running these small businesses - including all the costs involved you may not think about - and to say, you know that one card or any other purchase that you might think it too small to make a difference - it’ll make a difference. Most small business owners run their shops because they are passionate about what they make/do. They are 100% dedicated to their vision and every single sale is crucial to their success. And unlike most big box corporations, these small businesses are more likely to be community oriented, creating events to bring people to their shops and bringing their communities together.

If you want to learn more about the initiative and support them hit up the website www.justacard.org and follow them on Instagram - they highlight some incredibly talented people while spreading the message of Just A Card.

Hopefully, this movement will continue to grow beyond the UK, I know so many amazing artists here in Canada as well as so many Independently owned businesses that are super supportive of small creative businesses like mine.

xo, michelle

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