Featured projects covering various printing marketing materials, branding and editorial design


Branding - Knitty Little Secret

Knitty Little Secret is a spunky small business that sells fun knitwear who wanted a logo that would ring true to who she is and what she makes. I created her logo as well as banner images for various platforms.

Cover mockup.jpg
inside 2.jpg

Editorial - Dream & Build Magazine

Art Direction and Design for this new inspirational home magazine. Dream and Build is overflowing with vision expanding ideas designed to stimulate readers imaginations as they pursue their dreams of creating a living space for themselves that is both inviting and exciting.

TFC card_mockup.jpg

Promotional - Toronto FC Player cards

Promotional handouts featuring each of the teams players and the broadcast schedule for the season.


Branding & Marketing - Toronto Etsy Street Team

Original logo design and various new applications of the logo as well as seasonal show marketing materials including posters, flyers and lookbooks.

Promotional - Creemore Springs Brewery

Various marketing materials for events and infographic designs for promotional guides.