All About Trolls Illustrated softcover book

All About Trolls Illustrated softcover book


The highly anticipated companion book to "What Hides in the Forest" - All About Trolls is finally here! 

Why do we need to know about Trolls? 
Some people think trolls are some kind of monster.
because they smell bad.
because they are crazy big.
because they’re funny looking.
because they only come out at night.
Now we’re not saying that these things aren’t all true. In fact, they are all true. well Except for being Monsters {and funny looking, we think they are kind of cute} we like to think They are just misunderstood. Kind of like Broccoli. I mean it smells bad, but it’s good for you. Right? so we’d like to clear up a few things you might think you know about trolls and let you in on a few things you didn’t know about trolls. 

A great collectors book for kids ages 6 to 100. A great gift for kids and grown-ups! Really, anyone who likes to be informed on local species when they are adventuring out in the wilds. 

NEW BONUS - books now come with a 3 pack Troll Club sticker set (as seen in image #2) 2" vinyl stickers are water resistant and repositionable!

8x8 inches
28 full colour illustrated pages
Pages are saddle stitched together with a soft touch laminate on the covers - which partly keeps them safe during adventures!

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