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It all started when...

I love getting physical cards. I was never a bit fan of browsing the card section for what felt like forever trying to find a card that was funny enough to give to one of my friends. So I just started making my own cards for them. Then, you know how that goes. "You should totally sell these" and the next thing you know I had a full blown business out of my cards - thunderpeep designs. Then, as a lot of creatives do, I got restless - did I want to be making all these paper goods on such the larger scale I'd need to go to take it to "the next level"? No, not really. So I scaled back and took a break. But I missed designing the cards. 

So, we're back with version 2.0 of thunderpeep. Fresh NEW designs and smaller, limited edition collection that will be available online as print-on-demand cards through the amazing thortful cards and we are also wholesaling to a small select group of brick and mortar shops.


Buy online

thunderpeep cards are being sold online exclusively through

A great UK based company that prints high quality cards on FSC certified papers, in a larger A5 size - all on demand so no extra cards go to waste!

Our Awesome Retailers


Collected Works
130 King Street, London

Life is Sweet
2345 Queen St E, Toronto

The Farm
154 Main St W, North Bay