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Michelle Reaney Design works with small business
to create unique visual brand solutions


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Hey there! I'm Michelle
and I have over 20 years design
experience ranging from branding to
social media to publication design.
I love to wander and daydream
in the woods, drink loads of tea,
yoga under the new moon and
work with creative and
green minded entrepreneurs.


Branding for small business can
be a taunting task. It always makes
me a bit sad when creatives at any
stage of their business struggle
with their brand identity,
whether for financial reasons or
just being overwhelmed with
where to start.



From budget-friendly pre made
designs to full custom branding
packages, I want to work with
you to help your business
shine to it's full potential!

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If you're selling Brand Design you better have amazing Branding!


Considering how much I love brand design, it really shouldn't be a surprise that my almost favourite part of my freelance business was designing my OWN branding. I already had a pretty clear vision going in, so it evolved quite quickly. Other personal ventures/business I've started for myself have been long and somewhat stressful pursuits, but this design took a truly blissful path. If you want to read the entire story of my brand evolution you can find it here on the blog!

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I've been able to work with some incredible businesses on their branding


Below is a selection of some of my favourites. Could yours be next?
Click the WORK WITH ME button above to get the conversation started!

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Books & Magazines - Oh My What Design!


I love book and magazine design. I literally have a book shelf full of books I've bought based purely on the fact they were incredibly well designed. But, you know, I like to read them all too!

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Looking for a simple pre made logo, social media template or
working with me on some custom design?


Grab a tea and scroll through The Design Shop. There's a fantastic selection of
designs and packages for all types of budgets and businesses.

If you're looking for something particular and don't see it listed hit the
WORK WITH ME button and let's start chatting.

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